Bridal Party


Kristie Schuh – Maid of Honor

Kristie is one of Megan’s older sisters. Kristie and Megan grew up close, being only 18 months apart. They played sports together, danced together, and studied hard for exams together. Kristie graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in Theater Performance. She currently works as a motivational speaker for children, using yo-yos as her prop (she’s quite the master of tricks!). She currently lives in Houston, but frequently travels the world – visiting places like Scotland, New Zealand, and Australia!










Nikki Prosser – Matron of Honor

Nikki is one of Megan’s older sisters. Nikki has always been a big inspiration for Megan, especially when it comes to pursuing your dreams through hard work. Nikki graduated from Lamar University with her Master’s in Education and is the high school Director of the award-winning Georgettes Dance Team. She currently lives in Round Rock with her brand new son, Braxton (Megan’s favorite nephew)!












Leslie Mataya

Leslie is a friend of Megan’s from Iowa. Leslie and Megan first met during Resident Assistant training at UNI, and quickly realized they were going to be life-long friends. They spent many nights patrolling the Hagemann hallways for unescorted boys, loud music, and shoveling snow from the sidewalks. Leslie has an incredible sense of humor and a beautiful singing voice. Leslie currently lives in Chicago where she is completing residency with the University of Chicago.











Courtney Grosvenor

Courtney is a grade-school friend of Megan’s. Although they shared the same group of friends since 6th grade, Courtney and Megan became good friends in 9th grade while dancing together on the Hi-Steppers Drill Team for 3 years. They shared many football away-game road trips together, usually sitting at the front of the bus and napping. In 2011, Courtney moved to Houston for work and was one of Megan’s first friends to meet Chris (and quickly give Megan her approval!). Courtney has always been a strong and supportive friend to Megan. Courtney currently lives in Washington D.C. where she is working for the US Department of Energy.













Audrey Straus

Audrey is one of Megan’s earliest friends in life. Audrey and Megan first met in Kindergarten at Dripping Springs Primary School. One of Megan’s first memories with Audrey was of her running down her rocky dirt and gravel driveway barefoot (Audrey has some tough feet!) trying to catch her brother, Cody, and his friend after they sprayed us with water guns. Audrey has always remained a close friend to Megan, even when she went off to school in Iowa. Audrey is completing her final year of her nursing program with Emory University while living in Hawaii. 













Jeanna Kakavas

Jeanna is a friend of Megan’s from Iowa. Jeanna and Megan first met when Jeanna was Megan’s Resident Assistant. Jeanna and Megan immediately became good friends and would watch “Project Runway” together in Jeanna’s room during the week. Jeanna, with her kind and caring personality, has been a great role model for Megan. Jeanna lives in Le Claire, Iowa, with her husband, Dan, and their baby, Zoe.













Cody Banks

Cody Banks is a friend of Megan’s from Iowa. Cody and Megan first met through Nick Sibenaller during a world geography class. Cody, Nick, and their friend Daryn invited Megan to skip class that morning and drive to McDonald’s for breakfast (the first time Megan ever skipped class!). Cody and Megan share the same type of humor and quickly became friends. Even after Megan moved to Houston, Cody (with Nick and Ellen) drove to Texas for Thanksgiving with Megan’s family and all went to a UT – A&M football game together. Cody currently lives in Des Moines, Iowa, with his fiance, Hollie.












Groom’s Party


Ronald Obmaces

Ronald and Chris have known each other for most of their lives, attending elementary school, junior high, high school and college together. So they would have met sometime around 1991. They were more of acquaintances throughout the earlier years, but became close friends in high school. After being roommates during their freshman and senior years at UT, they have continued to live within minutes of each other every year since the college days. Ronald currently lives in Houston just a few freeway exits away from Chris and Megan.











Chris McCarthy

The Chris’s met in 1997 when they were teammates in a basketball league. They didn’t know each other super well at the time, but once freshman year of high school began they quickly recognized each other as former teammates and became great friends from then on. They continued to watch and play basketball together, embarking on all kinds of other random adventures along the way — more often than not also involving Kevin (below) as well. Chris currently lives in Houston with his wife, Ganda.












Kevin Krobath

Kevin and Chris met on the first day of high school in 1999. Chris walked into English class and it was a classroom with 4-top tables instead of individual desks. They can’t tell you who sat at the table first, but the end result was Kevin and Chris sitting directly across from each other for the rest of the year. They quickly became friends and have continued to be ever since. Kevin currently lives in Houston with his wife, Cat, and their two children.












James Tang

James and Chris met in English class during their junior year of high school in 2001. Though they had many mutual friends in common, the two of them had somehow not met up until that point. They quickly hit it off while working on a group project together, through shared interests and senses of humor. James and Chris also shared many fun years together at UT. Several years after college, they became roommates and lived together for 5 consecutive years until the day that Chris had to break it to James that he was moving in with Megan. James currently lives in Houston with his fiancee, Thy.












Jerad Naymick

Though they attended high school together, Chris had no idea who Jerad was until the first part of senior year in 2002, when Jerad ended up sitting next to Chris and Ronald in calculus class. Jerad went on to be one of Chris’ roommates in freshman year of college and they have been great friends ever since, commonly watching UT Football games and doing CrossFit together. Jerad has alternated quite a bit between working in Houston and Los Angeles, but is now back living in Houston again with his wife, Stacia.












Allan Lim

Chris met Allan sometime in 2003 through Ronald, as the two of them were long-time family friends. Chris really got to know Allan freshman year of college — though they didn’t officially live together, Allan essentially became the “fifth roommate” of their apartment. Allan wasn’t at UT with Chris over last few years of college, but he was close-by in San Marcos and always around. They shared many great adventures during those years and have continued to since. Allan currently lives in Houston with his wife, Carly.












Josie Do

Josie is tied for Chris’ oldest friend, also having met around 1991. The story is identical to Ronald’s, having attended every phase of school together throughout their lives. Josie lived right around the corner from Chris throughout college, so they were grocery, cooking & study buddies throughout those years. Josie and Chris were roommates for two and a half years after college, before work took her overseas to Israel. Josie is now living in Houston again with her boyfriend, Eric.















Nick Sibenaller

Megan first met Nick in her music theory class in college. They quickly became friends and would grab meals together in the dining hall. Nick was always a super social guy, and he introduced Megan to a great set of long-lasting Iowa friends. After graduating from UNI, Nick came down to Texas many times to visit Megan (or to go to the Formula One race). He’s always been a great and true friend to Megan, and she couldn’t be more excited that he’ll be there for her big day! Nick currently lives in Cedar Falls, Iowa. 












Anoop Shah

Anoop is another friend of Chris’ that goes back to their high school days, meeting in 2001. Though Anoop has lived outside of Texas the majority of his years since high school, Chris and Anoop have always kept in touch over the years, loving to catch up over good beer, food & sports. Anoop currently lives in West Palm Beach with his wife, Pooja. 












Eric Huffman

Eric, Chris’ cousin, moved to Houston in 2014 after many years living in Kansas City. As church planters, Eric and his wife, Geovanna, came to Houston to start a new congregation at St. Luke’s United Methodist known as The Story. Eric has been a great influence for both Chris and Megan, always showing kindness and strength. Chris and Megan enjoy spending time with Eric & Geo, and their two kids, Joelle and Koen.