Megan’s Story


I was born and raised in Dripping Springs, Texas. I was an active child, participating in dance, softball, and volleyball. But of course, music was my number one passion. I went to the University of Northern Iowa, where I spent the next 4 years making friends and memories, and learning how to drive my truck in the snow. After graduating with degrees in music and Spanish, I moved to Houston to continue my Spanish studies. While in Houston, I auditioned for the Houston Civic Symphony and accepted the 2nd harpist position. I also moved to Washington, DC for 4 months to work for the State Department. DC marked a special place in my heart, having made numerous international friends who I continue to visit around the world.

After a year and a half in Houston, I decided to join a dating website (OKCupid) and after 2 short weeks came across Chris’ profile. He seemed like a sweet, genuine man (and spoke Spanish, big plus!), so we decided to meet for drinks at the Ginger Man near Rice Village. My first impression was that he was super cute and tall! And of course, very intelligent and a great conversation partner. Chris asked me out for a sushi dinner a few days later, and then the rest just fell into place.

One of our most enjoyable activities is traveling together — from going on hikes through canyons in Zion, to fjord tours along the coast of Norway, and spelunking in the caverns of the hill country. Our first adventure as a married couple will be in New Zealand!

I currently work as a Spanish language curriculum writer for YES Prep public schools in Houston. I also play harp for numerous events, such as holiday parties, baby showers, and weddings (but not my own!).



Chris’ Story

chrisI grew up in the suburbs of northwest Houston as an only child, but part of a huge extended family — my dad, the oldest of 5 children, and my mom, the youngest of 12. Growing up, I spent most of my time with family and friends & playing sports. Basketball was always my favorite, which should come as no surprise to most reading this. Living in a big city meant large schools and big class sizes. I was fortunate to make a lot of close lifelong friends throughout my school years and stayed in touch with many of them, as evidenced by how long I’ve known all of the members of my wedding party.

Once college came around, I left Houston to attend the University of Texas, just a few hours away in the great city of Austin. I spent several terrific years there with friends new and old, and along the way pursued a degree in Advertising with a minor in Business. After college my advertising degree brought me back to Houston, where I would work for advertising agencies for the first few jobs of my career. I later switched to working in advertising roles on the corporate side, and I now work on the marketing team for BBVA Compass. My focus is in digital marketing (ie. selling things on the internet — driving qualified traffic to websites, search engine marketing, website conversion optimization, etc.).

In early 2012, a few friends convinced me to try out an online dating website. I think they just wanted to experience online dating vicariously through me and see “what girls I would get matched up with.” I was hesitant at first, but after checking out OKCupid, I liked how it worked and decided to try it out. I loved all of the written short answer paragraphs that you could read, as well as the hundreds upon hundreds of questions you could answer to help better weight the compatibility algorithms (that’s the Google marketing nerd in me speaking). I can still vividly remember sitting around in Ronald’s condo, collectively making the profile with him, Jerad and Selvam. Jerad was probably having the most fun of all, as he manned the computer half of the time, reading me question after question out-loud to add my answers.

After just a few weeks online, Megan and I began talking before eventually setting up a “date.” I say “date” because I always called the first meet-up a “pre-screening.” They were kept short and simple (a 1-2 hour meet-up just for drinks) to make sure the girl was friendly, interesting, and actually looked like her pictures. So Megan and I met up on a Wednesday night after work and it went terrific. I could quickly see that she was witty, beautiful and intelligent. We sat on the back patio of The Ginger Man, enjoying drinks and good conversation.

I followed up by asking her on a real first date, taking her out again that weekend for sushi, dessert & drinks. Immediately after that date, I actually had to leave town for a week for a snowboarding trip I had planned with some friends. Megan claims she was certain she’d never hear from me again after I left on that trip. I tried not to bother her much during the trip, as we had still only met twice at that point. I called her after returning, and we picked up going on dates more and more frequently before becoming “official” by late March.

Now, over 4 years later, we continue to bond over shared interests in traveling, hiking, camping, sports, crossfit, tv shows, music, cooking, margaritas, trying new restaurants, and many other things. We’re excitedly planning for our wedding and many more adventures to come.